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Mother of pearl mermaid tail

Mother of pearl mermaid tail


Beautiful Mother of Pearl handcarved set in 950 solid silver. Lenght 1 inch.

  • About the Mother of Pearl..

    Mother of pearl or nacre is a special secretion release by pearl-forming oysters and other shellfish as a means of defending the mollusk from foreign bodies and potential invaders. Normally, oysters release nacre in response to irritants like sand. Because foreign irritants can eventually cause health problems for pearl-forming oysters, over time, the nacre secretion increases, encapsulating and enveloping the foreign irritant.

    In ancient times, people believed that the mother of pearl represented the tears of gods and goddesses.

    The mother of pearl is associated with the Luna (Moon) and the water element and it has a generally calming effect on the body and spirit. Pearls allow the wearer to tune in to calmer energy frequencies, which may improve the wearer’s quality of life. Pearls are thought to be associated with personal integrity as it helps with balancing fierce emotions. With better emotional balancing, the person is also able to make better decisions in life.

    One caveat about wearing pearls is that it also tends to absorb negative feminine energies, so if the wearer is deluged by negative energy, the pearls can absorb the said negativity and pass it on to the next wearer.

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